At the age of 10, Corning Townsend began a life immersed in the maritime world.

"Working his summers as a galley boy under Captain Irving Johnson on the brigantine Yankee, the young Townsend, mentored by the legendary mariner, rose to third mate in three years aboard. In 1969, Corning worked under the wing of the late Clancy Horton, who is credited with developing the modern towboat. Sixty years later, Townsend now mentors his son, Christian, and both have worked tirelessly side by side for decades to create and maintain the most respected Towboat brand in the World."
- Professional Mariner

Corning Townsend III, PE

Consultant | Senior Naval Architect & Marine Engineer

Corning Townsend was born in 1941 and attended the University of Michigan from 1959-1967, where he obtained a BS & MS in both Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He worked for the University of Michigan in the Towing Tank for 9 years, and then at MARIN in the Netherlands as the Guest Scientific Officer for 2 years, performing hydrodynamic research and testing shallow draft vessels. He joined Mr. C.R. Horton for 9 years designing tugs, barges and river towboats. Corning started CT MARINE in 1970 and was owner and chief naval architect until 2015 specializing in high powered river towboats. In 2015 Corning sold CTM to his son Christian Townsend and started CT Marine Consulting, LLC, offering consulting services in hydrodynamics and propulsion.


CT Marine Consulting, LLC
86 Old Fort Road
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Phone: 207.380.1515
Office: 207.882.4474
Email: Corning [at] CTMarine [dot com]

Christian Townsend

Owner | CEO | Naval Architect

Christian began working with CT Marine at age eleven, visiting shipyards with Corning and folding blue prints in the barn that housed the office of designers.  After studying structural engineering at Purdue University, Christian began working full time for CT Marine in 1992, and in 2015 he became both owner and president of the firm.


CT Marine, INC
57 India Street
Portland | Me | 04101

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Office: 207.882.4474
Email: Towboats [@] CTMarine [dot com]

Prasad Sawant

Director of Production Design | Naval Architect

Prasad is a Naval Architect with 9 years of industry experience having visited shipyards in more than fifteen countries. Prasad brings extensive knowledge to CT Marine as the Director of Production Design & oversees a team of twenty engineers with partnering Buoyancy Consultants.


CT Marine | Buoyancy Consultants
A-Wing Susheela Building
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Office: 207.882.4474
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